'Farming Trail' Donation Scheme


Paint the farm-wall.jpeg

Scheme Details

Starting from the hydroponic greenhouse, the ‘Farming Trail’ connecting organic farm fields, aquaponic fish pond and all other facilities in the farm aims at educating the general public about healthy eating, farming history and technologies.

Organizations and the public are welcome to adopt plaques placed at over 50 different spots along the Trail to signify the support and care of green living and healthy eating and to play a role on building the farm. Each plaque, in the form of tag on pole, wall or rack, shows a crop species or knowledge of farming through QR code or text. As a token of appreciation, the donor name will be engraved on the plaque.

Donation Amount

HK$50,000 per plaque.


Donation Purpose

Donations will be contributing to the costs of operation, promotion and educational activities, and other non-funded items. Surplus will be saved for other ‘Farm to Care’ Projects in the future.


Donation Recognition

For donation over $50,000, your name will be engraved on the plaque. You will also receive a replica of your engraved plaque and a donation certificate.