Garden Shed


K-FARM advocates open and inclusion.  Over 90% of total area is free for visit. Guided tours, taught programs, farming activities and seasonal events will be offered for school kids and the general public throughout the year. User-friendly facilities are specially designed for children, elderly, wheelchair and citizens with special needs.

Infrastructure is sponsored by the 'Funding Scheme to Support the Use of Vacant Government Sites by Non-government Organisations' of the Development Bureau. Farming facilities are donated by 'Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust'. K-Farm's construction work was completed with the following facilities in two phases in October 2020 and June 2021:



K-Plaza​ K廣場​​​​

K-Plaza is a semi-circle set in the middle of the farm with total area of 311m2. The plaza will provide visitors with a place to relax and play. During weekends and public holidays, various kinds of activities will be arranged. Organisations, schools and corporates can rent the plaza for internal or public events.

K廣場採半圓設計,位於堅農圃的正中心,總面積311平方米。設施將免費開放予市民使用,為市民提供休閒而優美的環境。假日期間可舉行中、小型活動及攤位擺賣。 ​​

Plaza performance-s.jpg

Hydroponic Garden 水耕園

Hydroponic Garden is a 2-storey green house with a total area of 133 m2. It can be visited through free farming class or guided tour.  Visitors will be able to learn an alternative farming method other than traditional soil farming and will understand the use of technology in urban farming. In the evening, beautiful lighting effect on the racks will show you a different K-Farm.



Organic Garden 有機園

There are five outdoor organic farms with a total area of 350m2. Some for exhibition and educational purposes while some will grow crops to be sold to the restaurants and supermarkets in the district.


Organic X 有機初體驗

The 28m2  farm is designed for novices with no farming experience. Citizens can join our farming classes, gain hands-on experience in the farm and even bring their crops back home.


Organic Maze 有機迷宮

The organic maze is a circular maze with an area of 153m2. Kids and their parents can walk around here to have fun and learn more about the plants.



Vertical Organic Garden 垂直有機園

​In this circular farm with an area of 135m2, 36 farming racks are arranged into two circles with over 2000 pieces of crops planted.


OrgPot 盆中有機

This small farm with an area of 16m2  is used for seedling. Visitors will be able to see how the seeds grow and further transplanted to other farms or racks.


Easy Farm 耕種易

Easy Farm is a row of farming tables designed for wheelchair-users, children and elderly. People with special needs can get close to organic farming and have fun.



The Aqua 共生園

The 14m2 fish pond and the six farming racks allow visitors to observe the growth of fish and crops through the aquaponic system to understand the concept of sustainability.



Sky mirror 天之鏡

The Sky Mirror installed with a water circulation system allows visitors to catch the refection of the sky in a comfortable and safe environment.


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Lawn 草地

In between the Sky Mirror and Aqua, there is a lawn where people can relax and enjoy the beauty of nature at the promenade.



Outdoor classrooms 戶外課室

Three outdoor classrooms with an area of 44m2 each are named by seasons, Spring, Summer and Autumn. Our farming experts will share farming skills and experience with learners here during the farming lessons. When the pavilions are not in use, they will be a place for leisure, shading and rain shelter. During the night, visitors can watch the ripple light effect on the ceiling of the pavilions.

農圃內設有三個戶外課室,面積為44平方米,並以季節命名,分別為春生、夏長、秋收。專業導師將在這裏主持課程,教授參加者者耕種的技巧及分享經驗。 ​在沒有課堂時,這裏可作為休憩、遮陽和避雨之用。在晚上時份,遊人仰望天花,還可以看到由水影燈營造的水波效果,給予大家不同的視覺享受。


Green Chef 綠廚子

Green Chef, a healthy-eating-themed kiosk with an area of 11 m2, will sell crops grown in the farm, planting materials, green living products and low-carbon snack and drinks to promote healthy lifestyle to the public.



Office 辦公室

Open from 9am to 6pm, the office provides registration and enquiry services for visitors.